Margaret Ballard is a lover of life and of people. She has endeavored to provide assistance to people on their life journeys through her private practice in personal and interpersonal transformational psychotherapy in Newburgh, Indiana and the surrounding area.

     A lover of nature as well as the expressive arts, she balances work and play harmoniously while relating to those around her.

     Through her studies with such notables as Virginia Satire, Jean Houston, Natalie Rogers, Gabrielle Roth, Liz Lerman, Carolyn Myss, Stan Grof, Jacqueline Small, Norman Shealy, as well as Jungian scholars worldwide, Margaret has combined an array of successful methods, including Transpersonal Psychology, Holotropic Breathwork, and Expressive Arts Therapy. With her strong beliefs in the wholistic nature of the universe, she unites psychology and spirituality.

     In her therapy and her many workshops and lectures, she provides a strong foundation of communication and connection for growth in personal, marriage, and family relationships.

     Margaret has been fortunate to have worked and traveled extensively and thus is able to incorporate a multi-cultural approach.